Hello To Sky Suites NowHere Partner

Dear Sky Suites Owners,

We write to you in the hope of raising your awareness of the potential in rental values in Sky Suites KL.

With our vision, we hope to redefine the Sky Suites building as an iconic building that establishes itself as a destination for ‘Short Term Rental'.

We aim to achieve a rental value as follow:

  • 2 Bedrooms layout RM 3,500 Performance Assurance + Quarter Bonus

  • Four years tenancy period (2+2)



Accounting Period for Performance Bonus :

Quarter 1 : Feb - Apr ; Payout on 28th Of May

Quarter 2: May - Jul ; Payout on 28th of Aug

Quarter 3: Aug - Oct ; Payout on 28th of Nov

Quarter 4: Nov - Jan ; Payout on 28th of Feb

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In summary, we draw your attention to three main aspects:

  • To provide awareness to Opus Owners. The Opus development has huge potential however in order to remain sustainable it needs to be better managed. 

  • Grow with NowHere. We believe we can create the Opus as an iconic building in the market, by collaborating with the Owners in establishing a uniform system.

  • Reduce uncertainty and increase consistent rental income. With a four year tenancy, owners can save on the annual tenancy renewal fees, save the cost of the vacant period between old and new tenancies and also save time for both viewing and screening the tenants.

Looking forward to the pursuit of greatness together with you.