Sustainable & Continuous Investing

1. Average Occupancy Rate of 94.28% as compared to industry standard 61 %
We achieved this by : 
Dynamic Pricing - Unlike the traditional model of Cost + Profit = Rate we want, we price our room rate based on the market demand & supply using our algorithms.
Retargeting - Based on our guests profile, our marketing team will do campaigns which target similar travelers.

2. Transparency 
NowHere Boutique Suites is managed by a property tech company, TwoAcres. 
We use data to make most of the decisions. Owners can log in to our platform anytime to see which unit is occupied, and the guests are from which platforms.

3. Economy of Scale
We only manage buildings with minimum 30 units and above, owners will be able to reap maximum return with lower operational cost. Our guests will have better staying experience, with round the clock concierge check-in and other additional interactive services.

4. Premium Feel Interior Design 
Bulk purchase & renovation to bring down the cost. Premium feel design to catch the attention and offer quality stay.

5. Upfront Financing Scheme
We have set up a SPV fund to fund owner's renovation cost upfront, low entry barrier.

Together we ride on the new age of Property Investment with Technology

The Property 2.0


The Establishment





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Hardest part of Investing a Property is having zero dilemma to pay off the bank repayment. Yet, TwoAcres came up a hassle-free solution for me. Good Job!

Xavier Oon

I feel safe and easy. Gain 100% profit from property is way easier than trying to increase my salary.


TwoAcres has made investment easy for people to participate in the property market with the least possible risk. Well done guys.