How It Works ?

1. Invest

Invest in a featured property or a diversified pool of properties

2. Relax & Get Paid

We will manage and generate income from our tailor-made business model to cover your instalment and expenses.

3. Get Fresh New Credit Quota

With stable income, you will have new credit quota for another new property after 2 years.

Together we ride on the new age of Property Investment with Technology

The Property 2.0


Hardest part of Investing a Property is having zero dilemma to pay off the bank repayment. Yet, TwoAcres came up a hassle-free solution for me. Good Job!

Xavier Oon

I feel safe and easy. Gain 100% profit from property is way easier than trying to increase my salary.


TwoAcres has made investment easy for people to participate in the property market with the least possible risk. Well done guys.