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9 Steps to Successful Short Term Rental Business with TwoAcres

Mode of Collaboration

Just like every different individuals, every property best suits for different model.

Based on the nature of the property and the need of the owner, we will conduct our study and propose a suitable mode of collaboration

Fixed Financing Scheme

Time is Money.

We provide an option of financing through our SPV fund.

Upfront payment assist plan

Design & Build

By our chief designer who has been featured on TV shows and various commercials.

Philosophy : " Living is not about just space, it is where you can connect to yourself. "

The combined renovation solution, zero interior design fee, bulk purchase to enjoy lower cost, custom made to be different, taking all commercial values into considerations

Ready to Publish – Soft Setup, Wifi, IOT

Ready with cloud based booking system, automated check in kiosk, and property management software

Market Research – Positioning

Our marketing team will conduct thorough research by building data model from the surrounding area

Online Presence - Photography, OTA, Website, Affiliate Marketing

Next, we will focus on creating online presence for the building. Insta-worthy photography, setting up in multiple online travel agency, publishling on website and our affiliate marketing program

Pricing – Double Quadrant Strategy

 Instead of following the fluctuate pricing set by the booking platform, we have developed our own pricing model from the data we have collected over the yrs. 

Double quadrant strategy focusing on the instrinsic values of the property itself, combining with the yield from the surrounding areas.

Decide on Operating Team - Franchise or Do It Yourself

You may opt for the hassle free option, getting our franchise to operate your short term rental, or you can take up the challenge to operate yourself, but rest assured, we have got your back!

The Real Passive Income / New Business Kick Off

After all the preparation from the above, it's time to kick start our business.

Either you sit back and relax, start collecting your real passive income, or you join us for the new adventure 

Why Work With Us

1. Zero to One Experience

2. More than 10 Mil Revenue Generated

3. Tech Savvy Team & Digitalized Workflow

4. Successfully published more than 300 properties

5. Now we are embarking on the journey to enable 100 more airbnb entrepreneurs

Our Partners

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