PERFORMANCE ASSURANCE - covering all your expenses

In this 2017, a lot of people sell the Airbnb business because they want to sell the property. 

People who are serious about Airbnb business, they will have the 9-12% yearly return.

Majority of investors wants to have piece of mind when purchased a property. They willing to wait for property gain and serve the installment. But the fact is these investors are hoping to cover their expenses.

In 2018, you will see we are going to launch a credit quota sharing platform.

We are in this industry 3 and half years, when we started from a small property application in wechat until we fully cover the whole property cycle.

We exist to help buyer and investor identify right property

If anyone of you , participate in this platform, with this property 2.0 model.

Share us your credit quota, you will get reward accordingly.

On top of that, you will have fresh new quota to purchase new property every 2 years.