PROPERTY 2.0 - The Shift from Selling Space to Selling Time

The beauty of buying a property is the value gain in future.

You will feel strange when you see most of products in the market it is a ready product, like television you can plug and play immediately, or a car you can drive immediately once you get the keys.

For Property is different, when you get the keys, it is half-production, you need to spend additional 3 - 6 months to furnish and renovate it.

You have to learn how to do renovation, and with renovation knowledge, you only will use once in your lifetime.

From investors' perspective, they purchase the property to get the return of investment gain they predicted before the property is built. But most of these property investors have no clues on what to do next when they get keys to maximize their revenue.

This sounds like unreasonable for investors to get only half production (property) which we call it Property 1.0 - first version of the product.

TODAY, we are entering to property 2.0 era. We don’t call developer as manufacturer anymore, we call them service provider in future. 

The longer time developer can serve homeowner and investors, the more income will be generated naturally.

When you get your keys, our journey have just started. The profit is not generated from commission or property itself anymore.

Our main goal is to tap on technology to provide a 360 degree service that can cover all phases of property owners' investment from property purchase, furnishing, cover installment, property management and refreshing the purchasers' buying quota.

Short-term property rental is one of the solution that our team will tap on to assist our purchaser. 2015 to 2017 is a trial year from short-term rental. Based on our analysis, AirBnb owner can position themselves same as luxury hotel with 50% lesser price.

For upcoming years, we expect to see building tailored to short-term rental flooding into the market. 

Our professional team will step in and partner with developer, increasing the service level and  changing the face of the hotel industry.